Welcome to Maple

Teacher:  Mrs Auton

Welcome to Maple Class!

My name is Mrs Auton and I teach our Year 3 and 4 class. On this page, you will be able to discover more about Maple Class learning. 

All About Me:  

I was born in Kent, England and have also lived in Essex. When I was young, I moved to the Midsomer Norton area and have stayed living in the same area since. I have a 12-year-old cocker spaniel called Tilly and she is very cheeky. I enjoy taking her on walks however when it is cold, she prefers to hide in bed! 

Before teaching, I studied psychology at the University of South Wales and then trained to be a teacher at Bath Spa in 2017.  

 When I am not teaching, I like to travel- especially to cities. My favourite city that I have visited was Budapest as the architecture was beautiful. I also enjoy music and going to music festivals. (Glastonbury is my favourite). My favourite singers are Taylor Swift and Harry Styles and my favourite song is Blank Space by Taylor Swift. 

I am also a keen football fan. I enjoy watching football and have a dream to watch a game at Anfield one day. I also enjoy having debates with children such as who is better: Messi or Ronaldo? Or which football team is the best? (I think Liverpool!) 

 I love teaching because every day is different and exciting. There are lots of fun things to do and I like seeing children passionate about their learning. I also like to see children grow in confidence and achieve things they have wanted to do. In school, my favourite subjects to teach are history and geography. I also have a passion for reading and writing and love seeing children demonstrate their creativity through writing. My favourite children’s author is Roald Dahl and my favourite books are Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda.  

Favourite colour: Green 

Favourite sport: Football 

Favourite team: Liverpool  

Favourite Disney character: Olaf  

Maple class is an inspiring and exciting learning space, where our aim is support everyone to reach their full potential.

We are a team who support and encourage each other. We try hard to present our work beautifully and behave as positive members of our school community. We take pride in our learning, and are working towards our pen licences.

​Our Writing

In Maple Class children continue to develop stamina in their writing through the use of high-quality texts. Children will learn how to layout their writing in paragraphs as well as use structural devices including headings and sub-headings. In addition, the children will learn how to use inverted commas correctly in their writing. The children will explore word classes such as verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions as well as embedding previous knowledge from Year 2 and 3. All this work will lead to children planning and writing their own stories, letters, or information texts following a sentence stacking approach (Jane Considine – Write Stuff).


In Year 3 and 4, formal written methods of addition and subtraction are taught. We practice these weekly to help secure our knowledge of these methods, so we are able to apply our strategies to solving problems. In addition, the class are taught how to check their answers using the inverse operation. Multiplication and division is a big focus in our class. Children initially start to learn times tables by counting in multiples and we then try to spot patterns within our times tables. By the end of Year 3 children are expected to know their 2,3,4,5,8 and 10 times tables and by the end of Year 4 children are expected to have a quick recall of all their times tables. As the year progresses, children will be taught some formal written methods to support them calculating with larger numbers.

​Wider Curriculum

Each term we have a History, Geography or Science theme which can be found in you termly overviews. We are taught a range of skills including research, using maps and making observations and comparisons. We draw on our previous knowledge and ask lots of questions to find out more.

​Home Learning

In Maple Class homework is handed out on a Friday and is due in on Wednesday. It alternates between a Maths task or an English task and is linked to what we have been learning in class during the week.

In addition to this, children also have weekly spellings to learn, they need to practise their times tables and they need to read their reading book.