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Chinese New Year 

Exploring Chinese New Year, making Chinese lanterns, trying Chinese food, using chopsticks, listening to music and dragon dancing. 

Cooking and baking

At nursery we enjoy lots of cooking and baking opportunities.  When reading ‘The Little Red Hen’ we had a go at grinding grain and making bread.  We also used some dough to make pizzas.  On pancake day we had a turn at making and flipping pancakes before having one for our snack.  While reading ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ we made our own porridge and chose a topping that was ‘just right’ for us. 


We have begun to prepare our nursery garden for plants, we used our wheelbarrows to collect compost from the school allotment and we hope to grow our own herbs, fruits and vegetables that we can pick when they’re ready.  We have already started to plant some strawberries. 


The children enjoy a range of mark making experiences, in shaving foam, in personal story books, on tablets, with different materials, underneath and on tables.  We also have lots of fun sharing books and retelling well known stories, on our own, with friends, pupils from the school and adults. 

Outdoor play 

Playing outdoors changes the learning environment, giving children the chance to engage in physical play, on the balance bikes, digging in the sand pit and developing gross motor skills with wood, tyres, watering cans, pots and pans.  We enjoy playing with the diggers in the sand and gravel, making concoctions in the mud kitchen, building constructions and bridges and problem solving with the cascade. 

Personal, social and emotional development

We support and encourage self-help skills such as putting on our own coats and shoes, selecting fruit and pouring our own drinks at the snack café.  Through emotion coaching and our reflection area we nurture the children’s social and emotional behaviour. 

Sensory play 

At nursery we get to enjoy lots of sensory (messy) activities such as table printing, clingfilm painting, making our own playdough, shaving foam, water, oats, glitter and much more.  Remember we learn lots while exploring with our hands, and sometimes our feet. 

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