Welcome to Maple

Teacher: Mrs Hamblin & Mrs Breland

TA: Mrs Flack

Welcome to Maple Class.

Maple class is a mixed class of Year 3 and 4 children. Maple class teachers are Mrs Hamblin (Tuesday -Friday) and Mrs Breland (Monday)

                                       ‘My priority is the children in my class and my classroom environment. My strengths are                                                      making children feel happy, confident and inspired to be successful learners and instilling a                                                positive growth mind-set into all children.'

                                        ‘When I am at home I enjoy family walks and picnics with my two girls and dog, Ted. I love                                                   going on holiday to the beach and playing games.’

                                                                                                                                                            Mrs Hamblin





We are a happy class aiming to encourage everyone to reach their full potential. We have a caring attitude and we are always willing to help others. This positive attitude helps us to develop a sense of respect and awareness of our environment.

We encourage our children to succeed and take pride in their work and behaviour. We are working hard in class to get our pen licence.

We begin every day with a morning activity which prepares us for our busy day ahead. We have two School Councillors who are always on hand to welcome visitors.

On this page, you will be able to discover what your child has been learning about in class. We hope you enjoy and share these experiences with your child.


In Writing, the children will continually be exposed to a variety of sentences types including simple, compound and complex sentences. They will learn how to layout their writing in paragraphs as well as simple devises including headings and sub-headings. In addition, the children will learn how to use inverted commas correctly in their writing. The children will explore word classes such as verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions as well as embedding previous knowledge from Year 2 and 3.

We start all of our writing with a fiction or non fiction text or poem and a ‘hook’. Children will practise writing character and setting descriptions and continue to use a range of sentence types in their writing. . All this work will lead to them planning and writing their own stories, letters, or information text. The children will independently proof read and edit their work throughout.


Every term we practice addition and subtraction calculations and apply our strategies to solving problems.  The children are taught column addition and subtraction. In addition, they are taught how to check their answers using the inverse operation.

Multiplication and division is a big focus in our class. Children will be taught how to skip-count in 4s and 8s. We will also continue our work on being able to instantly recall the 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables. Later in the term the children will be taught some formal written methods to support them with their workings out. These will be include using the expanded method for 2-digit numbers leading to the short method. By the end of Year 4 children should be confidently in recalling facts from all times tables including x6, x7, x9, x11 and x12.


Each term we have a History and Geography based topic which we begin with a question. These Topics included ‘The Romans, Victorians, Volcanoes and Local history and Geography. We are taught a range of skills including research, using maps and making observations and comparisons. We draw on our previous knowledge and ask lots of questions to gain find out more.

We also have a Science Topic every Term where we use our scientific skills to investigate Materials and Rocks, Light and Sound and animals and humans.

Music and Art run through everything we do. We have lots of opportunities to explore and create using different Media and techniques including working in 3D. We like to cook especially for celebrations.

During our year in Maple class we look forward to preforming and putting on a show in our Easter production.


All Homework will be given out on a Monday and due back in on the following Monday.

Weekly spellings will also be given out on a Monday and their spelling test will take place on the following Monday.

Every week your child will be given a times table Maths homework to complete on Times Table Rockstars.

Each week your child will be given either a Maths or a Writing based homework; these will alternate.

Mrs Hamblin

Maple Class Teacher

Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs Breland

Maple Class Teacher

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