Welcome to the Maple

Teacher: Mrs Hamblin & Mrs Breland

TA: Mrs Flack

Maple are full of curiosity and, with the help and guidance of Mrs Hamblin and Mrs Breland this year, the children in the class will be using their inquisitive nature’s to discover more and more about all sorts of subjects, themselves and other.  Having moved into Key Stage Two the children will be taking more responsibility for their learning and the routines of school.  Maple class are not shy so sharing their learning and life experience is really important.  Doing this requires a safe and an engaging learning environment which we provide the displays, resources and healthy relationships between adults and children.  A growth mind set is taught so that mistakes are part of learning and so taking a risk on the page or in discussions is encouraged.  Maple are adaptable and resilient to help them strive and thrive at school.

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