Welcome to Willow

Teacher:  Miss Creed

TA: Mrs Phillips & Mrs Caddick

Welcome to our Year 6 Class - Willow Class!


                                             Miss Creed teaches the class with the support of Mrs Phillips and Mrs Caddick and                                                               endeavours to make learning enjoyable whilst developing children’s knowledge and                                                             understanding of the world around them. Miss Creed particularly enjoys being outside and                                                exploring new places and is currently completing forest school training.


                                             In Willow Class we aim to work hard to consolidate and extend our learning from across                                                     our Key Stage 2 journey whilst also playing hard to make our last year at Oakhill Church                                                     School a successful and happy one.

As well as hard work in the classroom we also participate in a range of wider curricular activities such as a residential camp and end of year production. Furthermore, as the oldest children of the school we enjoy taking on responsibilities such as being buddies to the new reception children, being house captain and looking after the school chickens.

In Willow Class we work on developing a growth mindset attitude to help us be the very best we can be! Throughout the year we work on increasing the children’s independence to prepare them for the next stage in their learning journey at secondary school.

On this page, you will be able to discover more about what is learnt in Willow Class.



Children are encouraged to read daily at home to continue to develop fluency in their reading but also to promote reading for pleasure. The school uses a programme called Accelerated Reader which guides children about which books to read and also allows them to complete a quiz about what they have read. Children have guided reading lessons every week which focus on retrieval and inference skills as well as vocabulary understanding.



In our English lessons children learn to apply the skills they have worked on in previous years for effect in order to engage the reader whilst also developing further stamina in their writing We practise using a variety of sentence structures and a range of punctuation in both our fiction and non-fiction writing. Throughout our writing we continue to work on the presentation of our work and aim to develop neat cursive joined writing which can be maintained when writing at speed.

We begin our writing units with a ‘hook’ to engage the children in the genre. Children then learn the text using actions to help embed the structure of the text and language features. Next, we practise the skills needed for the genre and particularly focus on the vocabulary used. Our units conclude by children planning and writing their own fiction and non-fiction texts. Skills of editing and proof reading are practised throughout the unit.



In Willow Class we become speedier and more accurate in using written methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We also learn to calculate with larger numbers and learn the written methods of long multiplication and division. Times table knowledge is key to this, so we practise our times tables daily.

In Year 6 we also increase our confidence and knowledge of calculating with fractions and decimals so we can use these to help us solve reasoning problems.

Later in the year we develop our geometry and data handling skills.  



Each term we have a History or Geography based topic which we begin with a question. These topics include local history, World War 2, climate zones and biomes, Mayans and Coasts’. We are taught a range of skills including research, using maps and making observations and comparisons. We draw on our previous knowledge and ask lots of questions to gain find out more.

We also have a Science theme every term where we use our scientific skills to learn about classification, evolution, electricity and light.

Music, Art, Computing and French link into our topics where possible or are taught discretely.



All Homework will be given out on a Friday and is due back in on the following Wednesday.

Weekly spellings will also be given out on a Friday and their spelling test will take place on the following Friday.

Every week your child will be given a maths task, a SPAG task and a reading comprehension task using SAT preparation materials.

Miss Creed

Willow Class Teacher

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