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Accessing video calls

This lockdown the procedure for accessing video calls will be slightly different. We will not be using the private channels to begin calls but instead there will be an email link sent to your child’s email. When it is time for the call, click join on the link to begin the call.

Accessing your child’s email

You should have received your child’s login details. Go to or to login.

During the video call

During the teacher led input, your child’s microphone needs to be muted. There should be a button either in the centre of the screen or the right hand side to do this.

Assessing the recorded teacher input

If your child is unable to make the teacher input session. It will be recorded and this can be viewed at a later date. To watch this video, login to TEAMS and click on the chat tab on the left hand side and the video should appear there.

Accessing Teams

Microsoft Teams is accessible through any web browser ( or through the Microsoft Teams app that is available in the Apple, Microsoft and Google Play App Stores.

Login details are the same as your child’s email.